PMZ Realty Capital LLC Arranges a Low Interest Rate Loan for Vision Hospitality Group – $12.5 Million Refinancing of Marriott Courtyard Duluth Sugarloaf


PMZ Realty Capital LLC, a boutique real estate investment banking firm, completed a $12.5 million refinancing loan for the 115-key Marriott Courtyard Duluth Sugarloaf, in Duluth, Georgia on behalf of Vision Hospitality Group.  PMZ Realty Capital specializes in hotel real estate investment banking nationwide, with an expertise in sourcing capital for the hospitality industry.

“PMZ Realty Capital sees historically low interest rates in the 3.5 – 4.0% range now and we strongly advise you to refinance and do it now.  Vision Hospitality Group is a strong hotel operating company and they were able to lock in a 3.55% CMBS fixed loan for 10 years” said Peter Berk, President, PMZ Realty Capital LLC. “It is absolutely incredible pricing being supplied by a commercial bank.”

Vision Hospitality Group developed the Marriott Courtyard Duluth Sugarloaf and it opened in 2016. The 115-key property is located next to the Infinite Energy Convention Center & Arena – 13,000 seat arena, 70,000 square feet of exhibition space in Gwinnett County. The Atlanta Regional Commission just released a report projecting that the Metro Atlanta region will add 2.9 million people by 2050 and Gwinnett County will be the most populous county in the state of Georgia.

“One of the foundations for Vision Hospitality Group’s success is our focus on optimizing the capitalization of our portfolio. PMZ Realty Capital is a trusted partner, and they understand our values and goals.” commented Mitch Patel, President, Vision Hospitality Group. “To secure financing at rates as attractive as these grants us a tremendous sense of confidence as we continue to grow our portfolio, knowing that we have very supportable, long-term debt on assets that are in growing markets. It allows us to maintain our focus on growth, guest satisfaction and adherence to our core values.”

About PMZ Realty Capital LLC

PMZ Realty Capital LLC is a boutique real estate investment banking firm that operates on a nationwide basis. Their advisory services are highly specialized with the singular goal of creating the most advantageous capital structure for their clients. PMZ Realty Capital LLC is a national leader in hospitality financing focusing on debt and equity financing, note sales, joint ventures, recapitalizations and real estate advisory services.

For more information about PMZ Realty Capital LLC or to contact the firm to finance your next hotel, contact Peter Berk, President, PMZ Realty Capital LLC at (212) 277-8265.

About Vision Hospitality Group, Inc.

Chattanooga-based Vision Hospitality Group, Inc. is a leading hotel management and development company with an unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. Although the company’s roots date back to 1978, Vision Hospitality Group, Inc. was officially formed in 1997 by President & CEO Mitch Patel. Still family-owned and operated today, Vision has a hotel portfolio and pipeline of premium select and full-service hotels affiliated with the Hilton, Marriott and InterContinental brands. To learn more about Vision Hospitality Group, Inc., visit www.vhghotels.com, www.facebook.com/vhghotels and www.twitter.com/vhghotels.

I’ve completed a myriad of transactions over the past 10 years with Mike and Peter and their clients. Through the ups and downs of the real estate market cycle, they have consistently presented us with transactions that are attractive based on current market dynamics. Throughout the process from origination to closing they have been a strong advocate for their clients, and on more than one occasion, thought of an innovative solution to structure around significant issues. Their creative thinking has benefited their clients and made me confident that once we begin a transaction, it will lead to a successful closing.

Michael Amoia
Director, NY based insurance company